Once you have composed a list of nannies you think may be a good fit for your family, you will want to prepare for a thorough interview. Follow this guideline to set the stage for a perfect nanny interview;



When contacting your new nanny candidate, give them the choice of meeting in a public location like a local coffee shop or if they are comfortable meeting in your home. If they prefer to meet in a public location, be sure to offer them a tour of your home at a later date.

Items to discuss


Define your exact needs in detail. Make sure your nanny is very clear on what it is you need from them. This should include;

  • What hours you will need them to work


  • What tasks you will need help with. Are you asking them to be a more of a mommy’s helper, someone who can help with tasks around the house, or just a nanny for childcare only?


  • What benefits you are able to provide and negotiate; holiday pay, paid time off, insurance, meals, etc.



  • Agree on a probationary period. Having a set date for a trial run, perhaps 30- 60 days, will give both parties a chance to decide if the job is a good fit.


Questions to ask


Use this time to ask all of your questions and leave no stone unturned. It is wise to start jotting down your questions a few weeks in advance so that you can write them down as they come to you. If you are having trouble coming up with questions, here are a few things you might want to know about your potential new nanny;

  • What is their description of the perfect nanny?


  • What is their method of discipline? Are you comfortable with that? If not, now is the time to address it. Tell them what is acceptable to you and if they are willing to honor that.


  • Have they ever been faced with an emergency? What is their personal emergency protocol?


  • Are they in a serious relationship? If so, are there any instances that they believe their significant other will be around? If the question to this is yes, take this opportunity to gather some more information about their partner.


  • What is their level of flexibility? If you are stuck late at work are they going to be able to stay late?


  • Click here for more questions to ask during your nanny interview!


Ending the interview


Be very clear with your nanny about what will happen next. If you are sure you would like to work with them, act now as previously stated, good work goes fast! If you decide it is not a good fit or that you would like to interview other nannies, specify when you will be giving them a call so they have the opportunity to pursue other work.