Families – What to expect

We understand your anxiety about leaving your children in the care of a total stranger, that is why we take great care in doing our very best to make sure that we find a nanny who is the right fit for your family. Our goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction, therefore we work very hard to make sure that our child care providers are vigorously prescreened, have enough experience with the age group requested by our clients and are willing to uphold your personal values and discipline where appropriate.

Patiently learning, and thoroughly understanding your needs is the crucial first step in our placement process as every decision that we make is based on your personal needs and requirements. We then look through our database to select nannies that are suitable for your specific needs. We will send you the profiles of every candidate that we select so you can schedule interviews with the ones who you would like to meet. A trial period of 3 to 5 days can be set up if you would like to spend some more time making your decisions. When the time does come for you to hire your candidate, we will conduct a complete background check, which includes Criminal History Search, DMV Driving Records and Social Security Trace. We will walk you through the hiring process while also giving you the help and support you need to feel completely at ease from start to finish.


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Provide professional childcare services. Some help with light housekeeping, light cooking, driving the children, and so on. They could be employed on a live–in or live-out, full time or part time basis. Salary depends on varying factors which includes years of experience, level of education, special skills, number of children to care for, and so on.

Full-Time Nanny (Live-In): 40+ hours/week – $500 – $1500/week

Full-Time Nanny (Live-Out) 40+ Hours/week – $15 – $30/hour

Part-Time Nanny: Up to 35 hours/week -$15 – $30/hour (minimum 4 hours/day/12 hours/week)

New Born Care Specialists

Provide support for new parents as needed. Their main focus is on the newborn baby. Responsibilities include bathing, changing and feeding the baby. They help to train the baby to adhere to a regular schedule for sleeping, nap, feeding, playing and so on. They can be available during the day, night, or around the clock. Rates vary accordingly. We always require a minimum of 2 weeks per family. NCS certification is required.

Salary: $25 – $50/hour

Mommy’s Helpers

Provide assistance for mom. Duties are more like those of a nanny combined with housekeeping. They could include cooking, running errands, walking the dog, laundry, loading and unloading dishwasher.

Salary: $15 – $25/hour

Postpartum Doulas

Provide education and support for the new parents after the baby is born. Their ultimate goal is to equip the new parents to care for their newborn themselves. Postpartum Doulas are extensively trained to assist new moms in experiencing quick emotional and physical recovery after childbirth. They can be available during the day, night, or around the clock. Certification includes DONA.

Salary: $25 -$50/hour


Provide home schooling or supplemental educational services for the children. They can be schoolteachers or former educators. They have the required credentials and skills to provide age appropriate educational services.

Salary: $20 -$30/hour

Special Needs Nannies

Special needs nannies are trained to specifically meet the unique needs of children with disabilities. We only refer nannies who can prove they have adequate experience and solid education in early childhood and intervention programs.

Salary: $18 – $30/hour


Provide cleaning, cooking, laundry and errand running services. They ensure the smooth running of a home.

Salary: $400 – $1000/week

On-Call Babysitters

Professional nannies that serve as emergency backup for your regular childcare provider in a variety of situations including; school breaks, date night, nanny’s sick day, party and events, and so on. CLICK HERE FOR RATES


Full Time Permanent Placement Plan (30+ hours/week): 15% of annual gross salary, minimum $2000.

Part-time Permanent Placement Plan (Less than 30 hours/week): 12% of annual gross salary, minimum $1500.

Temporary Placement Plan (1 day to 3 months): 25% of salary, minimum $1000.

The fee is due upon a verbal or written acceptance of offer by a candidate/nanny. 

On the rare occasions the nanny/family relationship is not working out, we offer our clients one candidate replacement within 90 days from first day of employment at no extra cost. 

 In the state of California, families are considered the household employer. FSN is a referral agency only; it is not an employer, co-employer, nor independent contractor and assumes no liability or responsibility for the performance of candidate. Client is the candidate’s employer and therefore has to fulfill employer’s legal tax obligations. Client or candidate shall be responsible for payment of all applicable payroll taxes, Social Security, or Medicare assessments, and Federal or State withholding or unemployment taxes arising as a result of employment of candidate.

 Our nannies typically charge between $18 – $40 per hour depending on their qualifications, number of children and needs of family. Our referral fee is separate from the nannies’ salary.  


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Nannies are household employees and not contractors. Any employer who expects to pay more than $1900 (2015) in a calendar year to a single employee has legal tax obligations. As an employer, you are required to report your new hire to the government, file as a household employer and pay quarterly taxes. Flowing Springs Nannies is proud to partner with HomePay to simplify the HR aspects of being a household employer (payroll processing, tax filing and labor law compliance). As the nation’s leading household employment specialists since 1992, their team of experts provides helpful guidance for our clients. To learn more, call 888-273-3356 or send an email to newemployerorientation@myhomepay.com and let them know that we sent you.