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My name is Kyndra Johnson. I am the wife of a journeyman Lineman, the mother of one precious little man and a Golden Retriever. I am a graduate of Eastern Washington University and the author of which provides copywriting and content marketing. I am passionate about family, parenting and cooking. I love to travel and have had some amazing opportunities to observe people from all over the world. From an orphanage in Thailand to the beautiful beaches of Jamaica, I have had the joy of learning all about people in various cultures. I am a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Spokane County and volunteer at The Bee Kind Garden for Partners of CASA.

Should I Give My Nanny Raises?

A common question among nanny employers is, “should I give my nanny a raise?” It can be hard to part with our hard earned dollar, especially when we have budgeted for a certain expense, such as a nanny. That being considered, it can also be hard to part with someone you trust with your loved [...]

What Are Nanny Taxes?

It’s the beginning of a new year and while most of us are still winding down from the holidays, many employers are gearing up for tax season. If you are hiring a nanny, this will be something you need to be aware of too! Here are some basics about nanny taxes;   Nanny Tax, not [...]

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Preparing for the Interview

Once you have composed a list of nannies you think may be a good fit for your family, you will want to prepare for a thorough interview. Follow this guideline to set the stage for a perfect nanny interview; Setting   When contacting your new nanny candidate, give them the choice of meeting in a [...]

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Providing Nanny Benefits

Providing benefits for your nanny is something that needs to be well thought out before your nanny is hired.  You have no legal obligation to provide your nanny with benefits, even if they are full time. That being said, you should consider that doing so will give your nanny a sense of appreciation. Additionally, offering [...]

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7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Nanny

  1. Consensual surveillance Discuss this with your nanny. Welcoming a stranger into your home to watch your children can be terrifying. Even though they will have passed an astringent background check and gone through an interviewing process, it’s likely you will still be a hot mess for the first week or so. Decide whether [...]

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Background Checks Are Vital But What Do They Actually Entail

For the safety of your children or elderly loved ones, as well as for your sacred peace of mind, it is essential that the care providers that you hire are background checked. Many times, parents will only check to see that their nanny has been through a background check. However, there are certain points that [...]

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Working with a Nanny Could Be the Best Thing You’ve ever Done for Your Family

As parents, we’ve all had those days. You know, the ones where you run around all day from the moment you hear those tiny feet pitter patter down the hallway in the morning. There’s breakfast, getting ready for the day, school, soccer practice, dinner, laundry, homework, dishes, bath time and for about 90% of American [...]

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